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  • Ballistic Gel Test on self defense ammo


    We did a big ballistic test of different handgun self-defense loads. The preliminary results have been released and we will continue to run the tests at intervals to keep an update of the test. We have additionally tested just under 30 additional loads.  The full results are discussed but the table will be updated.
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    Once upon a time, there were places to a good piece of reliable information on using firearms for self-defense. You could check out one or two of the shooting schools available in the country or get some really good gun magazines, gun books or articles. Now, we have the Internet and the good news is, the Internet actually gives you fast access to any record on the self-defense topic that have ever existed. The bad news is that you have access to several reliable information as well as several false information. How can you spot the difference?

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  • Beretta PX4 Compact Review

    After carrying out tests on bench accuracy of the Beretta PX4 Compact 9mm and getting the results, I have made an evaluation and also some adjustments you can make for this gun.


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  • Using Beretta 92 in Self-Defense

    main_banner_92fs-72 the beretta 92


    Continuing with our series on the Beretta 92, I will be analyzing practical concerns with using this pistol for self-defense.  Many users fell in love with the Beretta at first use but then with increased gun use, they tended to relegate it to the background; rather going for latest polymer guns. But then beyond the box-stock 92FS Beretta, there is still quite an appeal with the Beretta 92. Let me show you.

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  • Importance of Ammo capacity of a Gun


    Ammo capacity of a gun is usually the next question people ask after making the choice of gun type to buy. You want to have a pistol that gives adequate convenience in both proactive and reactive situations. If you’re just all about preventing any danger and not anticipating one, a small, low capacity pistol should be your fit.


    TINLEY PARK, IL - OCTOBER 18: A box of .45 cal. ammunition is offered for sale at Freddie Bear Sports on October 18, 2012 in Tinley Park, Illinois. Facing a $267.5 million fiscal 2013 budget gap, Cook County, which includes the City of Chicago and suburbs, has proposed a tax of 5 cents per bullet and $25 on each firearm sold at gun and sporting goods stores in the county. Fred Lutger, who has owned Freddie Bear Sports for 35 years, is concerned with the impact the tax will have on his store which is located about 2 miles from the county line. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images) live rounds

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  • The First-Time Gun Buyer  


    In the early 1990’s, working in gun stores in cities with small-town southern atmosphere, first-time gun buyers were rare. Most were guys who just moved into one of new communities developing at that time mostly to accommodate travelers with his family.

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  • Tips in Buying and Selling Guns Face to Face  


    Irrespective of your gun use, skill or experience, over the years there must have been observed changes in the way we select guns for use or for variety in our personal keep. Usually we start with something more popular, more template but then as our needs and use and experience increases, we need to select other alternatives, test other choices to see which works best for your specific need. In clay shooting for example, over the years, I have handled more than 5 different weapons while seeking the best. But when you grow off a pistol and switch to another, you may not have need for it again while there might be someone out there on the other side of the spectrum about to test that gun model.

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  • Shotgun Sports


    On the off chance that you possess a shotgun, there's an entirely decent risk you've broken a clay pigeon or two sooner or later. Regardless of the possibility that you don't possess a shotgun, you've likely looked as clays were shot from the sky either at the arms club, amid the late Olympic Games or even on the internet. Shooting clays as sport is one of the most intriguing, captivating and inspiring shooting courses but very serious obstacles that prevent recruits from maximizing their satisfaction from the course has been found. Just like every other recreational or sporting event, it will be difficult to know if u will really enjoy the sport or not until you get involved in it. Looking at these basis, below are tips on the fundamentals of shotgun games and the one that might suit you the most.

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  • The story of the Beretta 92


    I have always admitted that I am a fan of Beretta 92 pistols and with it being one of the guns I have used extensively, I know it is one of the most widespread self-defense handguns in the open. Despite the abundance of literature and discuss on it, there still exist many wrong notions on this pistol that keep arising over many discussions or articles.

    Well, hopefully I can clear the air on the Beretta 92 with a series of posts about the pistol.

    main_banner_92fs-72 the beretta 92FS


    I will start off the articles with the evolution of the Beretta 92. Many people are used to the most common model – the 92SF model particularly as many discuss and complaints on the 92 pistol has been centered on this version. Since the 92SF was launched in 1985, and the complaints came out, more and better updates on the version have been launched to deal with the complaints. Here we give a low down of some of the 92 models which stand to represent a variety. It includes the popular ones and some additional not so popular ones.

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  • AIWB holsters

    Carrying of pistol slightly off the center of the belle button isn’t a new style but for some reason it has been raising up dust recently and is actually advised by some instructors, popular ones that I know. For concealed carry communities, the Appendix inside the waistband (AIWB) also known as the appendix carry for right handed and center line carry (due to its location) is in vogue.

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